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Moving to Ohio? Follow These Tips


If you are looking to move to Ohio for the various reasons why Ohio makes sense for so many people (hey there, LeBron James!), then follow these tips from a national moving company that has helped one of our own editors move from Miami to the Great State of Ohio!

Moving Tips

Looking to move in the near future? Want advice on packing and the whole moving process? You’ve come to the right place. We have compiled a list of must do things when you have to move your home to a new location. With our experience in moving, we have collected some of the best advice to save you time and money.

Here are some very important moving tips for you to note down. You can print this page for more convenience.

When moving large and fragile appliances, always read the user manual that was supplied with the appliance. Maybe it requires some sort of special disassembly before it can be moved. All of this will be covered in the manual.

If you are going to hire a professional service, inform them of your move and book with them 2 weeks ahead of the big day. This way you won’t have to face any difficulties or delays.

If you are moving with a professional company, remember they are not allowed by law to carry hazardous material such as gasoline, ammunition or explosive. Ensure you move them privately.

Keep your kids at ease by letting them keep their precious stuff with them. A move can be disturbing for a child so give them a little distraction by giving them their favorite toy.

Start cleaning your home when you are about to move. A thorough clean will reveal lots of stuff that you otherwise may forget behind. Check your closets, attics and other places for things forgotten.

Pack essential stuff and label them correctly before you pack anything else. This stuff is your priority stuff and should be available as soon as you arrive at the new place. Correctly labeling it will allow you to easily find the boxes when you arrive at the new place.

Cook ahead of your move and make sure you have plenty of stuff prepared for the move day otherwise you may be forced to dine out. You won’t be able to immediately cook at your new place mostly because you will be tired. So preparing food beforehand is very important.

Cancel or update your subscription with different companies. For example, you can cancel your cable service ahead of time because you will likely need new services when you reach the new place. Depending on availability, some of your current subscriptions can be availed at the new place but it still takes time for cable services to move to new place. So get done with it before you move.

The day before you move, defrost your fridge and empty its contents. The fridge needs to be dried out before it can be moved to avoid malfunctions when you arrive at the new place.

If you’ve called your friends to help you out on your move day, have a backup plan ready if someone decides to not show up. It is very important because lack of strength can really delay the process. Perhaps attract them with a follow up dinner.

These moving tips from Summit Van Lines are super appreciated!  Thanks, Summit, for making our move great!